Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC): Ending Identity Fraud while creating personal,
social, sponsor and philanthropic value for all all social content and research response; No purchase is required.
SMRC generates (1) unique, behavioral biometric signature(s) and (2) anonymous, in-depth+ behavioral & brand ‎research (2+ years; 1000’s of themes; media; social causes; activity; groups) - co-branded with philanthropy.

Social Market Research for Charity FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
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Note - Based on the evolution of SMRC, we address many integrated strategies (identity, personalized social counterpart-to-search, cognitive surplus/social media/research monetization, brand marketing, lead generation, attention research, 501-c3 social impact, philanthropy) and execution parameters (languages, currencies, economic credits, data formats, integrations, etc.).

Respectfully, the answers to every one of these FAQ questions-and-answers below, along with ~6 additional questions that have been removed ---- are documented within the current collateral, demos, onsite and off-line presentations, listed just below the home page invitation sample, and within the pages of our website   For complete in-depth details, see the business and research prospectus link on our home page.

We welcome your comments and other questions.  Please email them to

1. How do I know that SMRC can't take my personal information and sell it (like Google) or release it?

2. How do you know people be willing to watch more ads and answer simple questions?

3. Do I get into any trouble if SMRC is gets in trouble for breaking any laws? –
    (e.g. accidentally releasing personal data)?

4. What do I tell people about SMRC to get them to sign up?

5. How is SMRC’s market research more valuable than what Google collects?

6. Once the service is running, where will the SMRC application appear on my screen?

7. I don’t have 10,000 followers yet, but is there an easy way to invite everyone in, like a link?
    This is answered in two parts as it is really 2 different questions:

8. Where does all the money (funding charity and the "rewards") come from?

9. Why is the sponsor CMO or CFO (and their actuaries) the only parties qualified to scope
      the potential, impact, costs and feasibility of SMRC?

10. Will my SMRC 'username' be shown?