Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC): Ending Identity Fraud while creating personal, social, sponsor and philanthropic value for all all social content and research response; No purchase is required.
SMRC generates (1) unique, behavioral biometric signature(s) and (2) anonymous, in-depth+ behavioral & brand ‎research (2+ years; 1000’s of themes; media; social causes; activity; groups) - (3) co-branded with philanthropy.
Prospective SMRC Investors or Prospective SMRC Sponsors seeking to view SMRC's References (IC / IP) Tab may: (1) SMS or message 720.432.5470 or 720.432.5427 that forwards to my Cell phone (preferred), (2) Call 720.502.1195 (TextMe/Voice on my Tablet), or (3) Skype me (on my Tablet & Asus G60Fx) at 801.618.2119 X 289, and we'll return the call via Skype.  Alternately, please complete the form below and we'll contact you within 24 hours.  You may also send an email to =>    Note:*= Required Information; Google Recaptcha.

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Protects your Identity+

Personal Value for Content


Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) generates (1) unique, behavioral biometric signature(s) and (2) anonymous behavioral & ‎brand ‎research personas (2+ yrs; 1000’s of personal themes, memories & feelings, media(s); social ‎causes; activity; groups; demographics) - (3) Co-branded w/ philanthropy & so much more!‎
Sponsors (1) anonymously qualify & (2) noninvasively respond (through feeds – w/o identity) to their ‎followers’ (+10 million SMRC members’) complete set of interests across 1000’s of topics & sub-‎themes, with (3) fun research that rewards attention & recall, and generates donations to each ‎person’s favorite charities (each monitored for impact), with rewards of equal value.
Followers receive (1) identity protection, (2) participation (for social content, response & ‎networking1) and (3) pre-registration benefits, with no purchase required. 1Hosts (sponsor & ‎member) receive 4% of the on-going donations' and rewards' value (for content, response & ‎networking) generated by followers responding to the invitation to register for a service, at no ‎cost.

This is an opportunity much bigger than just ending Identity Fraud - It's the ultimate social big-data project (like ‎Google, but w/ biometrics, Personas, philanthropy & rewards).  Herein are the social keys (sponsors, security,goodwill & benefits) to incentivize mass adoption of authenticated, anonymous, autonomous personas, creating enormous value for ‎humanity, the economy, self-fulfillment & rewards.