Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC): Ending Identity Fraud while creating personal,
social, sponsor and philanthropic value for all all social content and research response; No purchase is required.
SMRC generates (1) unique, behavioral biometric signature(s) and (2) anonymous, in-depth+ behavioral & brand
research (2+ years; 1000’s of themes; media; social causes; activity; groups) - co-branded with philanthropy.
GETTING INVITED:  SMRC is a private, by-invitation-only, social-philanthropic, behavioral research service.
You must submit a "host" id/ code, to prove that you were invited by a SMRC promoter, SMRC sponsor or member, at no costs to register.  Click
HERE to show (or hide) SMRC's comprehensive partner, sponsor and member invitation examples.
Key feature links, research and reference materials are highlighted below.  Use Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to enlarge or shrink the display.

* SMRC only scans authorized "public" social & web media content (i.e not protected; already available to anyone w/o restriction).
Included in every invitation: SMRC's HOT process flyer (How it Works), member flyer (power to the people through 5 no cost membership benefits), and sponsor flyer (target, incentivize, educate, convert) - Click each link to see.
SMRC's Analytics, Models and Process mini white paper - it's a new ‘social, big-data’ take on the potential of web 4.0 AI and sentiment analysis, based on our very ‎simple set of processes ‎(Click the link to READ or download & save).
* Recent mega-trend, behavioral research, in motivation and philanthropy:
Cone Inc. (2006-2013), SMRC's Charity Research.
SMRC as a 501-c3 social impact watchdog - supports promoting the most worthwhile social cause (Click HERE to show/hide detail). .
The major, long-standing, social & economic problems that SMRC will solve - Click HERE (referenced in the overview/intro).
* See SMRC's Wireframes (storyboard): responding to rewarding research - online, in the social & syndicated media, and in-store.
* Hard technologies include: Open Source Drupal 7, Open Source interactive-mobile video (HTML5 & CSS3 replacing mobile flash), Virtual WiFi, Amazon cloud services, unbreakable encryption technology, personalization as digital personas, AI and process re-engineering.
Pre-registered sponsors and members get 2 years credit/past-social-content, plus Double (2X) donations' +rewards' value(s) for life!.
* Sponsor registration links:
See Slide 70/Slideshare; Sponsor/Partner opportunity review: See Slides 58-63 & 69/Slideshare.
* SMRC's - Market / Business Executive Presentation (highlighting the founders, and the Sponsor Research Reverse-Search Process).
Prospective Partner-Sponsors:  See the SMRC Executive Summary and Business & Technology-Development-Research plans.
* SMRC's private, in-depth analysis and profiling is virtually the same infrastructure required to develop the ultimate personal privacy avatar, aggressively protecting personal/social and financial identities, profiling all likes, dislikes, how much, when/where and who with.  SMRC personal analytics are secured by one way encryption; SMRC for-sale analytics contains no identity data.
* As an invaluable byproduct, SMRC generates collective content and hard research (emotions & proof of attention, not opinions), collected in the spirit of true Goodwill, that can rate the compared social-trade value of any 'asset' people are talking about.


GOALS / OPPORTUNITY:  We are offering/seeking strategic partnerships with 1000s of business, celebrity, charity & social organization sponsors, in order to generate a conservative: [a] $137 Billion per year to 501-c3 charity‎& member rewards, [b] $6.85 Billion / year to sponsor charity & sponsor rewards, [c] $11 Billion / year each, to (i) awarded donations (w/ rewards) & (ii) SMRC ‎services, and [d] $1+ Trillion / year in related sponsor revenues, by year 3.  Generating 92%+ of its research as donations +rewards, SMRC's cloud framework will operate at a 1% margin.
SMRC's FOUNDER: is the former IBM CTO/ WW Business Auditor (and strategic analyst) who was the lead evangelist ‎‎(business Enterprise architect) on ‎the ‎migration: from IBM's proprietary seat/license-based business model, to an Open Source service-based model, w/ 2-10X the ongoing revenues @ 50% lower startup, development and maintenance costs, for pay-as-you-use services and no-cost upgrades - personally introducing Open Source, Java, and XML e-‎business services, which quickly turned into one of the ‎most successful business technology ventures in existence.
Open Source development (sharing only the core toolset) and service sustainability are directly related to the increased usage of the service; which continually creates value as more rewards for the user (with SMRC).  Using advanced sentiment analysis (distributed), personalization/ digital persona profiling, best practice/OO-based content management, and virtualized cloud services, SMRC's projection numbers are extremely conservative* with this model: considering the mass start-up w/ 10+ million members, driven by popular, incentivized sponsors (next) and behavioral research on the influence of philanthropy to motivation.
STATUS: SMRC has 10+ million people in the pipeline (to grow at one million new sponsored followers per month), including major universities, major children's health centers, national ‎youth ‎groups and community churches, whose content alone (before adding the contributions from rewarding sponsored research), will generate a minimum $2.4 Billion in custom charitable ‎donations and ‎member rewards, year one!‎   Preview SMRC's conservative 1, 2 and 3 year $$$ projections HERE.

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