Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC): Ending Identity Fraud while creating personal,
social, sponsor and philanthropic value for all all social content and research response; No purchase is required
SMRC generates (1) unique, behavioral biometric signature(s) and (2) anonymous, in-depth+ behavioral & brand ‎
research (2+ years; 1000’s of themes; media; social causes; activity; groups) - co-branded with philanthropy
Our 100% personalized cloud service, Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC), initially populated by popular, highly incentivized, social sponsors (Goodwill-Civic-Philanthropic Celebrities, Social Organizations/ Media, Charities, Businesses & Political Parties) and their 10+ million initial followers - E.g. non-organic, instant growth, @100,000+ followers per sponsor average (who each register at no-cost, the social media they authorize to be monitored/for credit, and the 501-c3's to receive donations/for their research):
  • [3 INPUTS]  Optimizes & monetizes the Value & Impact Potential of each person’s Cognitive Surplus (e.g. social content, research & networking activity):  As ‎the ultimate counterpart to each person's ongoing personal life search (and identity protection), SMRC optimizes the daily personal, ‎social, philanthropic, identity and economic/business impact potential, of each responding follower (and each of their ‎friends/ followers), by: (1) passively monitoring and analyzing their everyday social content/feedback, research response and ‎networking (below), which generates from the analytics, (2) five 100% customized & secure, private social research pattern applications for each person (see next ‎section), that feeds/ funds (as "qualified" anonymous research - see business models), (3) daily donations to each member's favorite personal charities, along with, ‎the equal value in deductible/trade-able member rewards, (4) at no cost, and without requiring any purchase for: (Click each title below to show/ hide details and the financials/rates of each activity that SMRC monetizes).  This service is fully internationalized, including support for many forms of social credit and culture.
    1. All Social Content & Feedback @ 'day rate' value/ volume - Monitored passively & auto-profiled:
    2. Sponsored Research (matched to your interests, supporting your charities) @ $5-10/ hour value:
    3. Networking (inviting others to create value) @ 4%/ follower's value:

  • [5 OUTPUTS]  Develops & Delivers 100% Personalized & Secure, Private Social Research Pattern Apps from the ongoing content research and analysis, to fulfill ‎both business and member models:  By adding an emotional and philanthropic "dimension" (rating/ rank) to all social ‎and demographic content research, for every social topic in ongoing discussion, using (1) persistent sentiment analysis (over year, (2) ‎NLP w/ AI / context-based linguistics, (3) keyword/ theme research, analysis, and profiling, that's correlated, and "qualified" (socially validated) by (4) each person's social feedback with each of their friends and followers (similarly analyzed and profiled), ‎respective to, (5) proven social-philanthropic industry mega-trends, SMRC develops these FIVE invaluable, 100% ‎personalized and private social research patterns (applications) for each person - the fourth of which generates the funds, as donations and rewards, for everyone's content & qualified research. Click on each title below to show/ hide (in hard & soft terms), details of the 100% private, personalized & rewarding search patterns that SMRC develops from the in-depth analysis of each user's content; delivered as noninvasive feeds, persona-PDA messages or 100% personalized research promotion (e.g. 100% custom ads w/rewards):
    1. PERSONAL - Precisely Personal Search by Social & Philanthropic Profile:  The personal "Gold" in each person's content, like (I) an intelligent avatar cross-analyzing extended searches and comparisons for all of one person's content over years - with their friends, all similarly profiled; (II) the hidden inter-connections in and between categories of interest; (III) Validated by social interaction with followers sharing the same interests, (IV) As searches for new research and (V) As promotion that supports one's favorite charities w/rewards of equal value.
    2. SOCIAL - Inter-personal/ Social Topic Simulations:  What do my followers (and the world) think about ...? (precise theme response simulations;  future: personalized, emotionally sensitive, digital assistants/memory).
    3. WORLD - Social World Doppelgangers (your likes and dislikes):  Anonymous; From millions of people worldwide.
    4. SPONSOR - Sponsored Research-Fulfillment Opportunities:  Funding all the content, and research/ fulfillment services from sponsors who will never risk their brands, by acquiring personal information, ushering in a new era of social impact, CSR and social responsibility, while correcting previously 'necessary evils' [advertising].  No surveys;  No purchase required.  Precise participant matches, are based on ONLY what people are talking about, as compared to what others 'think they want' or 'want them to want'.
    5. IDENTITY - Social and Real Protection (out of profile activity - Preventative Identity Protection):  Addressing the scope of topics associated with identity protection based on monitoring for user generated content, as well as negative content associated with, each person's real and social identity(s).  Solutions for the 4 most common types of problems related to identity, that includes SPAM.

SPONSOR PROCESSES:   SMRC motivates the most socially-conscious & popular Celebrity, 501-c3 Humanitarian Charity, Business, & Social Organizations to (1) continue to generate great content that stimulates feedback / value, (2) invite their followers and customers to register at no cost to protect their identity and generate value for their content, (3) target cause market by (a) Charity and social media schedules, and/ or by (b) Charity and precise, qualified interest(s), supported by SMRC's attention-recall, post-purchase & testimonial research monetization templates - as on-demand reports or 100% personalized online promotion, and (4) reap the goodwill, deductions, low cost promotion to qualified prospects, research (market, referral, purchase, usage, ongoing development & upgrades), and conversions.
NONINVASIVE Social Business Model(s):  Creating personal, social, philanthropic & business value for all documented human content, that eventually ‎will replace invasive advertising w/ personal opportunity fulfillment, SMRC's extremely simple business models are built within (extracted from) the details of the description above: (1) the activities SMRC monetizes, and (2) the private search pattern applications generated, that (3)stimulates & incentivizes a socially responsible economy and personal fulfillment as (click title to show/hide each business model's benefit summary):
  • Your Followers Receive:
  • Sponsors Inviting Followers Receive:
  • The Rewarding, Ethical Marketplace (of socially responsible vendors & incentivized, qualified prospects):


MOBILE 2-WAY VIDEO:  See how SMRC enables Mobile Video for Smart phones & iPhones - as the New Social Portals for Monetizing Social Good (Click "Mobile Video" above to show /hide this section, or click HERE for SMRC's mobile page): View presentations as seen on YouTube (by Google), Slideshare (by Linkedin) and Authorstream.  Coming Soon - No out-of-pocket cost Smartphones w/SMS & WiFi Access (the benefit being a SMRC member, protecting your identity while creating value for your content).

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