Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) - The Social Game Changer: 
- The next generation of biometric security, social currency and artificial social intelligence - For humanity
- Transforming the extraordinary value of anonymous market data into an extraordinary amount of social impact
- Where the market value of anonymous social interaction becomes a sustainable social currency for people and their causes


Testing: All Celebrities, Charities, Businesses & Social Organizations (as HOSTS & SPONSORS) - By-Invitation-Only, Offer your FOLLOWERS at No-Cost, Un-Crackable Biometrics & Anonymous Research Technology that Continuously Protects Identity & Privacy without Passwords, as ‎it Funds their Social Causes (each monitored for social impact), Social Credits and much more, from Anonymous, Persona Research; To generate $7+ Billion for all social causes (and credits) year one, from a 10+ million member start-up pipeline;‎  KEY FEATURES: (1) Productive Technology, (2) Mass Deployment (90 days) & (3) Sustainable Funding Models from Persona Research‎ (Click HERE to show/hide details or see the last sample Partner invitation below):

Welcome SMRC Candidate HOST (SPONSORS and MEMBERS as HOSTS, inviting FOLLOWERS) - to the next generation of biometric security, social currency and artificial social intelligence, for each person and humanity.
As a by-invitation-only (private), anonymous big data offering that analyzes the underlying emotional patterns of the social web infrastructure to protect, serve and enrich the human experience, if you are reading this, you are here by invitation, from a DIRECTOR, PARTNER, SPOKESPERSON, HOST, SPONSOR or another MEMBER, who referenced: (a) our press release on the digital conscience, (b) one of our white papers, (c) this or THIS (Cofound one of the most lucrative, most secure and most socially beneficial companies in history) PARTNER invitation, (d) the SMRC Executive Presentation or (e) this HOST/ SPONSOR invitation. Alternately, click here to review our invitation to Biometric and to media-profiling software vendors, or here to review our Candidate Biometrics market update and invitation, issued June 2015, both referenced in the 2nd Partner invitation. Call to be invited.

Each invitation highlights this collaboration of technologys' core social benefit: The power to change the majority of the world for GOOD every day, by optimizing the potential of each person's Persona to monetize their anonymous daily social, sponsor research & networking activity - Based on the trust & benefits associated with offering no-cost, un-crackable, biometric technology, to provide continuous identity / privacy protection without passwords, that is 25X more secure than the most advanced password system (and pays people & their causes to use it).  Click HERE to Show/Hide the original Founder's introduction.

  • HOST & FOLLOWER MARKETS (THE VISION & THE MISSION): Social Savvy Celebrities, Charities, Businesses & Social organizations invite their FOLLOWERS, promote the end of identity fraud, fund worthy social causes from invaluable, low-cost social research (by highly qualified prospects), and generate sustainable prosperity & loyalty.  With 10+ million prospective FOLLOWERS in the pipeline - From major universities, major children's health centers, celebrities & nat'l / local youth, sports, political, religious, veteran, social, business, environment & humanitarian organizations; their collective daily anonymous social capital (analyzed content) as research (at $2.25/day in value) will generate $7+ billion minimum in custom donations & MEMBER rewards year one (as $821/member/year average).  While every MEMBER only has one HOST, growth from networking as compared to daily passive research & e-Assistant prompted participation, is not required for a sustainable system (e.g. goodwill and reward incentives, associated with research, sustain participation).

(A) WHAT WE DO (Build PERSONAS for HUMANITY): This is your Invitation to Co-found and/ or HOST, or SPONSOR SMRC, a 100% personalized & secure, PRIVATE SOCIAL RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY SERVICE, aka the "social counterpart-to-search", that generates (1) unique, behavioral biometric signature(s), linked to (2) totally anonymous behavioral & ‎brandresearch PERSONAS (Digital LIVE personalities w/o identity, based on 2+ years analysis profiling 1000’s of personal themes, memories & feelings linked to people & places, media(s); social ‎causes; activity; groups; demographics, multiple social preferences) that are each (3) Co-branded with personal philanthropy and rewards - To end Social & Identity Fraud AND generate prosperity, social good, security, fun & loyalty from anonymous social behavior research, biometrics & AI technology.  Click HERE to Show/Hide more information on "e-Assistant" integration with SMRC.

(B) HOW & WHY IT WORKS (Main Process):  Passively AUTO-profiling only authorized member content (while monitoring all media), SMRC's design (1) aggressively protects each person’s identity (reputation & privacy) as a secure custom service, and (2) creates enormous personal, social & ‎philanthropic value (for them & you), for all social & sponsor content, all feedback, personal research & networking, to ‎(3) ‎support each person's worthy social causes/ CSR - e.g. SMRC promotes authenticated anonymous autonomy for social good, rewards & security - While ending philanthropic, membership and personal identity fraud.‎

The Synergistic HOST Connection (HOST FOLLOWERS Change the World): These anonymous (w/o identity data) PERSONAS generate a lifetime of goodwill, deductibles, research & marketing benefits for SMRC HOSTS, where all future interactions become 100% personalized (without knowing their name), FOLLOWERS are compensated for socializing, everywhere, and where any HOST may become a SPONSOR - Marketing directly to the collectives' PERSONAS (who each serve as guardian to their individual) based on their philanthropic profiles.  Hosts' are TRUSTED as their FOLLOWERS are anonymous, but authenticated (not a bot) - With indepth 2+ year PERSONAS.  FOLLOWERS (through HOSTS) change the world.

Preview the graphic (it's all there, click to enlarge as a PDF) - Then click HERE to reveal (or conceal) the critical detail underlying each of the key features below.  Click it NOW, before proceeding:
  1. As a personal, private smart service* (intelligent & aware w/endless memory --- each PERSONA), like *Jarvis in Iron-Man, or *KITT in Knight-Rider, SMRC works ‎exclusively as a loyal & trusted advisor, that includes (a) protecting the owner's & the PERSONA'Sidentity (even from SMRC) w/ ONE-way encryption, behavioral biometric security & in-depth, identity/ activity monitoring, (b) optmizing the value of each person's anonymous (w/o identity) content in their best interests, and (c) monitoring all 501-c3's for their effective social impact  (Note: MEMBERS may choose preference for / against programs for each 501-c3 they support).
  2. The 1research & analysis value comes by (a) deriving from the emotional 'auto tagging' of each person's daily content, feedback, & search (e.g. The breadth of research input as feelings & social interaction), (*) using 'personalized' sentiment analysis & NLP type techniques2 (e.g. Passive, context-based sentiment) - (b) On ALL topics, over a 2+ year profile (e.g. The scope of research, growing in value daily) --- (c) aligned with each person's top philanthropic interests (e.g. Driven by people's desire to do good, after their needs are met):

    3 user classes and their benefits: FOLLOWERS get (a) security, (b) $1+/day for their anonymous activity, (c) $5-10/hour for ‎participating in ‎promotional attention research ($500/yr/avg), and (d) a 5% payback for conversions (commerce) for post-purchase or usage research - All as donations & equal value in “currency” credits). ‎HOSTS ‎‎(who invite followers) get access to the FOLLOWER personalization/ authentication API (at no-cost), the goodwill that ‎comes from ‎supporting causes (for all media activity), $33/follower/year they convince to register, and a $30-$50 ‎CPM if they choose to publish our 100% personalized research on their media (100% ‎custom ads/pays per impression - no clicks required). HOSTS ‎also endorse their favorite causes. SPONSORS get precise market data, anonymous dynamic match, $0.10 ‎qualified leads, 5+ ‎minutes of un-divided attention, goodwill/ loyalty from cause marketing, plus an incentive to drive testimonials and ‎feedback from their ‎customers‎.
  3. Offering the best identity security and trust from collaboration and personalization, that pays people and their causes to use it, SMRC's 100% anonymous, but authenticated (not a bot) indepth research PERSONAS will super-charge (monetize) the response to (a) all of your content as feedback, and to (b) every SMRC SPONSOR'S social media, brand marketing & programs for social ‎good - as (c) mutually rewarding research by offering:

(C) Generating eXtreme IMPACT - To make a Real difference (at $2.25 / day avg. value for anonymous content & response): By (1) leveraging popular, highly incentivized social SPONSORS (Celebrity, Charity, Business & Societies), (2) inviting millions (MM) of FOLLOWERS, each (3) seeking identity protection, participation, networking and pre-registration rewards --- SMRC will: (a) launch w / 10+ MM MEMBERS, (b) generate $600+MM (million) in services the 1st year (growing to $11+BB (billion) per year by year three), ‎‎(c) convert 75%+ of all research, bonus & reward revenues (including phones) to SPONSOR and MEMBER benefits (as $7+BB year one in donations + rewards, growing to $137BB/year by year three), ‎and (d) stimulate $70+BB/year in SPONSOR e-business year one (growing to $800BB/year by year three), and (e) generate host publisher revenues of $2.6BB by month nine (growing to $81BB/year by year three)The cumulative cash flow in the first nine months is $10.5BB - growing to $198BB/year by year three)
  • SMRC will stimulate billions year one (for local charity, MEMBER rewards & sponsor conversions), by using SPONSORS, new models & analytics, mass social content (2+ yrs) and technology, incl. AI & biometrics - While ending identity fraud & supporting a world of anonymous but authentic, autonomy.
  • Features in Detail: See the links in the P.S. below my signature, the presentation links (flyers & docs) following the overview letter, and the SMRC's feature page of inputs, outputs and benefit summaries (2nd tab of website titled 'Protect & Serve' above), for complete details, including our white papers, research, process models and business plans.
  • Next Steps; Let's talk:  Respectfully, as SMRC's founder & CBO, having personally qualified your organization's candidacy by your interests (social media, brand marketing & social good), resources and skills, I'd like the opportunity to speak ‎to you in person.  Please have your admin email me (or click HERE) with the best time for you us (and our senior strategists), to have a 10 minute discussion, respective to your PARTNER, SPONSOR or HOST interests, prior to assigning the accountability to your (& our) appropriate management.‎
Best Regards,

SMRC Founder - Request an invitation TODAY! - (you must be invited).
Phillip R. Nakata, Chief Business Officer and Group Director, SMRC), ‎720.590.7430; phillip.nakata;; (CV)‎
Skype me at (phillip-r-nakata) or (801) 618-2119 X 289 or X 296;  (720) 263-5036 (FAX)‎

P.S. OUR DYNAMIC FORMULA IN A NUTSHELL: SMRC is a by-invitation-only, 100% personalized & secure, Private Social Research Service - like a smart Persona: For identity protection & authentication (ending fraud), as the social counterpart-to-search for social content, and as a social watchdog for personal philanthropy.  We optimize the full research value of emotionally rated, opt-in social content & feedback, utilizing FIVE 100% personalized social research patterns, with powerful incentives to learn more about what each person is already, specifically interested in, that support each person's favorite social causes (along with generating deductible rewards of equal value).  Sponsors & Partners Click => HERE for the overview of your total benefits.


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