Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC): Catalyzing a Paradigm Shift for
Marketing & Funding Social Causes
- Socially, Personally, Noninvasively & Pervasively
A Noninvasive, 100% Personalized Social Counterpart-to-Search that protects people's identity, and generates enormous
personal, social & philanthropic value for all human social content - to support worthy social causes - no purchase req'd.

"Protecting your identity(s) for no out-of-pocket costs, while creating personal & social+ value for your content"

NOTE: This page is dedicated to the TED speakers who inspired SMRC.   Click HERE to go to SMRC's current webpage

"SMRC 'Brand' > Market research games & awards that funds charity, rewards members, & stimulates 2-10 TIMES more sponsor interaction"

SMRC (Social Market Research for Charity) is society's new model for supplemental funding that's based on monetizing the value of all social content & sponsor research for charity AND social member rewards.   This passive social reward/award & 501-c3 rating service is the brainchild that emerged, from integrating the best social models of seven top "mover and shaker" speakers at, w/ Stephen Colbert (, the BCG (Boston Consulting Group, experts of Social Impact analytics), Cone Communications (leaders in Cause Marketing) and Phil Nakata (former IBM CTO: Intellectual Capital, AI & Emerging Technologies).

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Click on any graphic to load each TOGGLE opening or closing each video into a new window below - Every Speaker adds an important character to Social Market Research for Charity's new model creating social value 'for good' (& the competitve edge), based for on each person's social capital (content & market research).   From their insights of today's social trends, emerged the vision of SMRC - as expressed in the following SMRC Creatives shown just below:
Jesse Schell - Dice/G4/TED   Clay Shirkey at TED   Jonathan Harris - TED   Seth Godin   Dan Pink - motivation TED   Jimmy Wales   Yochai Benkler
Jesse Schell
Clay Shirkey
Jonathan Harris
Seth Godin
Dan Pink
Jimmy Wales
Yochai Benkler
When Games Invade "REAL" Life
How Cognitive Surplus will Change the World
The Web's Secret Stories
The Tribes We Lead
The Surprising Science of Motivation
Free Speech, Free Minds & Free Markets
The New Open Source Economics

Jesse Schell at DICE 2010/G4TV/TED
"Design Outside the Box"

Clay Shirky at
"How Cognitive Surplus will Change the World"

Jonathan Harris at
"The Web's Secret Stories"

Seth Godin at
"The Tribes We Lead"

Daniel Pink at
"The Surprising Science of Motivation"

Jimmy Wales/ Chris Lydon on
"Web2 - Free Speech, Free Minds, Free Markets"

Yochai Benkler (Harvard/ Google) at
"The New Open Source Economics"

"Your Social-Philanthropic Footprint" -- "Changing the Social Web for Good" -- "Research Rewards for Charity - NO Purchase Req'd"

SMRC >  3  Noble Goals,  2  Primary Sources of Social Market Research for Charity & Rewards,  4  Steps to Implement:

Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC) is the FIRST by-invitation-only research, grounded in scientifically supported social trends that  (1) funds charity,  (2) rewards members and  (3) stimulates mass business and sponsor response; based on  the research of "just HOW MUCH EACH CHARITY FOLLOWER (as compared to just members) IS WILLING TO -- share, give or purchase -- FOR THE BENEFIT OF THEIR FAVORITE CHARITIES (and social rewards of equal value) -- ONLY with Sponsors whose philanthropic/ social-responsibility profile matches their own.

  • Funding for SMRC's research is primarily founded on members generating rewards and donations -- without requiring purchase -- interacting with SMRC sponsors whose charity profile matches the members' -- (a) sharing their anonymous everyday social content and feedback (item 1 below, as group media research), as well as (b) participating in 'no-cheating' market research games (item 3 below), that rewards members for providing hard proof of their full attention to their sponsor's content.

  • For a list of fun, real-life examples or simulations of -- SMRC's "Research Rewards for Charity" brand in action with a sponsor's members and followers --> See the member's tab above or the Use Cases (Wireframes) below.
  • Every bit of content and research that SMRC members -- share, give or purchase -- from sponsors whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own,  creates extreme business/social value and sales, at very low costs for SMRC Sponsors.   SMRC Sponsors in turn, fund the rewards program from their marketing and promotional savings -- which influences a minimum SUSTAINED 20% increase for their business -- stimulated in large part, from the 200-500%+ increase in traffic each sponsor receives -- and the hard proof that they also receive, of each member's full attention to each of their promotions.   Members, thus generate donations and rewards for:

  1. SHARING: How much of their everyday social content (and feedback) they are willing to share (that generates media research worth a minimum of $0.60 per day per member, for scheduling SMRC's online market research) with sponsors whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own? (i.e. with sponsors supporting their favorite charities).

  2. SHARING: How many of friends, family and social associates are they willing to share this opportunity with? "Research Rewards for Charity - No Purchase Required" - that shares their content or allows them to respond to games of attention research, with sponsors whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own ("hosts" receive 4% of the invited party's on-going donations' value and rewards, for life).

  3. GIVING: How much of their attention are members willing to give to SMRC Sponsors, whose philanthropic/social-responsibility profile matches their own, responding to SMRC's no-cheating research games of attention and recall, where the more answers they get right, the more donations and rewards it generates (at $0.10 - $2 per instance).

  4. GIVING: What is the value of a user review or testimonial?   Until now there has not been a socially acceptable way to compensate customers, that doesn't 'taint' the value of the testimonials (as a donations and rewards would not do).   As an alternative to providing market research, this generates $2 - $10 per instance for a member's testimonial or review (as a valuable sales aid for any sponsor).

  5. PURCHASES: Sponsors give 5-10% of the sale as donations & member rewards (the effective value of a receipt for the donation, as a promotional bonus), upon receipt of market research -- that validates the customer purchase experience (most important factors & market comparisons made) and the influence this charity rewards program had on their purchase (from a sponsor, whose profile matches their own).   Perhaps more importantly, this becomes the ultimate CSR / Goodwill tool for building new business.

  6. AWARDS: In recognition of services performed in the benefit of the Public Good. Four percent (4%) of the on-going total "donations and rewards' value generated by a sponsor's members, is designated as "Award" monies - to be issued by the sponsors as pure philanthropy.
  • SMRC's "Rewards for Charity, No Purchase Required' model, motivates everyone to register as well as provide 2 to 10 TIMES as much response to each sponsor content or promotion , that includes hard proof of each member's full attention to the promotion.

  • While stimulating extreme response for all forms of promotion, the programs' implementation couldn't be simpler - with only 4 steps: (a) Invite followers & other sponsors, (b) Use the SMRC logo to motivate response, (c) Use a SMRC "Research Rewards for Charity" button (linked to the SMRC Research Server) on your offer/action page, and (d) Contact SMRC and arrange your SMRC Marketing Package (sponsor, campaign, quiz, research/purchase %'s).

  • SMRC works with all existing forms of marketing (web, email, TV, Radio, Print) to lower costs. We also offer an alternative ad delivery service that competes on a level not seen before - for charity and member rewards.

  • Why Register Now? -- Sponsors and Members who pre-register their charity and media profiles at least one (1) month prior to SMRC's market launch, will receive social reward points for your last 2 years of social content activity; in addition, you will receive double the donations' value and social reward points -- for your content, responding to research, providing testimonials of usage, or for purchases with SMRC Sponsors (supporting your commonly shared charities) -- for life!

A Detailed Overview: Need to see on paper, the "bigger" picture of how SMRC's celebrity, charity, business and social organization sponsors -- offering SMRC's "Research Games for Charity" -- to "Charity-Follower" markets -- will Fund those Charities, Reward the Charity-Follower Members & Hyper-Stimulate Sponsor-to-Member Interaction & Loyalty? -- Click HERE to Show/Hide the SMRC Detailed Overview.

Sounds too good to be true at first glance?  Click HERE to See SMRC's full 'recipe' of research services (servers) and critical support programs that together leverage the Hottest scientifically supported social trends (charity) and the Hottest social interactive technologies, with the research of charity, to generate the funding and the follower rewards program.