Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC): Catalyzing a Paradigm Shift for
Marketing & Funding Social Causes
- Socially, Personally, Noninvasively & Pervasively
A Noninvasive, 100% Personalized Social Counterpart-to-Search that protects people's identity, and generates enormous
personal, social & philanthropic value for all human social content - to support worthy social causes - no purchase req'd.

"Protecting your identity(s) for no out-of-pocket costs, while creating personal & social+ value for your content"
Re: The $Billion+ Opportunity to protect people's identity & generate personal, social & philanthropic ‎value for all of their (and your) social content in support of worthy social causes‎/ CSR @ $2.4 Billion+/ 1st Year/ causes+rewards; no purchase is required.‎‎ Launch @ 10 MM+ followers; 92%+ to charity +rewards
-- Sample Partnership Invitation Letter --
Welcome Prospective SMRC Host (Sponsors and Members as hosts, inviting followers):‎

While we've met in person before, and I've followed your organization for some time, you're probably also connected to SMRC’s founder, a former IBM CTO and today, a social-technology evangelist (Linkedin @ 126,000+ 2nd connections, from 131 professional 1st level connections). He was the lead ‎Enterprise Architect ( on the ‎migration from IBM's ‎Proprietary license-based business model, to an Open ‎Source service-based one; producing 2-10X the ongoing revenues @ 50%+ lower costs, for pay-as-you-‎need services and no-cost ‎upgrades (the 'counterpart-to-Open-Source' - based on the value of delivering ever-improving, usage/user-centric service and shared intellectual capital).‎

This is an Invitation to Co-FOUND SMRC, the noninvasive, 100% personalized, social counterpart-to-search, that protects people’s identity & creates enormous personal, social & ‎philanthropic value (for them & you), for all human social & sponsor content, personal research & networking, ‎to ‎support worthy social causes/ CSR (Click every link: fully illustrated detail; hover: description).
  1. The value comes by deriving from content, five H-O-T, 100% custom, private search pattern apps for each person, ‎including ONE that allows sponsors to connect, precisely match, qualify & reward (fund @ $5-$10 per hour in member value) people's personal ‎& philanthropic interests.

  2. As a personal, private smart’ service, like ‎Jarvis in Iron-Man, or Kit in Night-Rider, SMRC works ‎exclusively as a loyal & trusted advisor, that includes protecting the owner's & the persona's ‎identity (even from SMRC w/1-way encryption & biometric security) & monitoring all 501-c3's for their effective social impact (e.g. awareness => action & change => advocacy).

  3. Super-charging (monetizing) the response to all of your (and your sponsor’s & follower's) social media, brand marketing & programs for social ‎good - as mutually rewarding research,‎ SMRC offers sponsors, noninvasive, 100% personalized access to 10+ million (to start), anonymous 2+ year in-depth personal-social ‎profiles, covering every like, dislike & how much, for ‎every topic they discuss, along with each person's ‎favorite charities and social-demographics.

    Pre-registered sponsors and members get 2 years credit/past-social-content, plus Double (2X) donations' ‎‎+rewards' value(s) for life!  All members may only have one host.
SMRC will: (a) launch w/10+ million members, (b) generate $200M+ first year (growing to $11+BB by year 3), ‎‎(c) convert 92%+ of all research, bonus & reward revenues to sponsor and member benefits (@ $2+BB year 1), ‎and (d) stimulate $20+BB/year in sponsor economy (year 1).  All sponsors stand to really benefit (as goodwill & ‎deductibles from followers, qualified leads, lower costs and new business), based on the size of their social audience ‎and influence.

Next Steps:  Respectfully, as our founder & CBO personally qualified your organization by your interests (social media, brand marketing & social good), resources and skills, he'd like the opportunity to speak ‎to you in person.  Please have your admin email me with the best time for you two, to have a 10 minute discussion, respective to your partner ‎or sponsor interests, prior to assigning the accountability to your (& our) appropriate management.‎

Best Regards,

SMRC Promoter - Request an invitation TODAY! - (you must be invited).
P.S. SMRC is a by-invitation-only, 100% personalized, social counterpart to search (& watchdog), mobile-cloud ‎service.   "To protect and serve mankind as individuals” --- is our underlying theme.
“SMRC:  Sponsors hosting entry into a 100% personalized ‘service & marketplace’ for social good”.
Note: Working-Partner investments include accepting a strategic (hands-on or oversight) management role related to social media, brand marketing and/or philanthropy (social good).‎
(Click HERE for SMRC's full Philosophical-Philanthropic-Identity 'market message' above)


SMRC FLYERS & KEY DOCS :  The Process (How it Works);  Member Benefits;  Sponsor Benefits; Business & Research Prospectus

The SMRC Services Slideshow (to appear below); The SMRC Executive Slideshow (for partners); SMRC Analytics & Models White Paper

TED VIDEOS:  When it comes to topics like where social media is heading or 'cognitive surplus', you must see at least a couple of the outstanding videos: from links in our dynamic slideshow (expand the link above), from our Market Executive Presentation, or from embedded (localized to run fast) links on SMRC's earliest concept website - that was dedicated to highlighting relevant, popular TED speakers (bringing insights truly worth spreading).   Listen to the world's leading "movers" and "shakers", discussing the key motivational ideas, viewpoints, and social trends, that continue to inspire the promoters and sponsors of SMRC.

SMRC - Social Market Research for Charity - PowerPoint Presentations -- Click any link below to show/hide:

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