Social Market Research for Charity (SMRC):  A Paradigm Shift for Funding Charity Socially - Technology that Monetizes Social Media Content and Games of Sponsored Promotional Recall, as Donations & Rewards vs. Cash, To Incentivize & Motivate Progressive Behavior - Using Technology that "Knows" What People "Really Like" and How Much They "Like" (or "Dislike) It

The Formula: - SMRC is a by-invitation only, technology service in the Cause Marketing, Advertising, Monetization of Business Intelligence from Social Content, AI, Crowd Sourcing and Gaming industry. Integrating seamlessly with every Celebrity, Business, Charity and Social sponsor's existing customer-facing programs, We offer:
  1. $0.03 per anonymous profile, Noninvasive Personal Advertising, To Social Follower Markets, By and For Charity, using Emotion-Sensing AI technology and promoting,
  2. Sponsored $1-5% Research Opportunities (on-line or in their city), documenting 10 minutes of un-divided attention, in topics each follower really "Likes", for custom donations & rewards, that do not require purchase (but w/ 5-10X the response...).
  3. Monetizing, as donations & rewards, ALL documented follower response (DFR) to content & promotional research (CPR), including everyday content* (Every 'Tweet', Like, etc.), resulting in,
  4. Millions of monthly visitors generating feedback to each sponsor’s content (Traffic Crowd Sourcing), earning multiples of the minimum '*day rate' of $0.60 per day in custom donations with rewards for content - at no cost to the sponsor and the traffic is retained based on the social interactive value of each sponsor's content.
  5. Goodwill & Rewards for Measurable, Justified Research & Response, in topics each follower really "Likes".
  6. A Triple Reward System for Follower Participation that Benefits: 1) the follower's charity, 2) the follower's rewards, and 3) the host's (sponsor's) charity & rewards.
  7. Pre-Registering Sponsors and their invited Followers earn DOUBLE the value in donations and rewards for Life!.
Tech Talk - Knowing What People Really "Like" (based on Johnathan Harris's TED Talk): In addition to [1] scanning for occurrences of the the words "I Like", "I feel" and "I wish" (along with a dozen similar patterns expressing emotion), and [2] re-tagging/ re-indexing all context to identify every topic "object" contained in each piece of content, [3] along with cataloging each person's time, general location (city), charities, and Public social media "Like" profiles, SMRC uses [4] context-based Neuro-Linguistic algorithms to classify the emotional character of any content artifact (Like to Dislike and How much) from any type of media.

Matching really common profiles: Then, [5] by relating the "real" "Like" to "Like" values between ALL of the content objects, for any ONE person --- [6] in comparison, to similar profiling's of other follower's "Like to Like" values, who have similar patterns of common "Likes" to the same sub-category of content, with the follower being analyzed --- [7] SMRC can determine the "common sub-sub-category & product" search parameters, [8] producing => the ultimate custom search function - tailored for EACH person.  This is also shared anonymously (as group "likes" information) with sponsors acquiring research content (allowing them to select the most popular but relevant "Like" categories) --- that are later prioritized in each follower's real-time, non invasively delivered, "opportunities report" search function.

This will shortly become the way people spend their free time - always creating value for their charities, their rewards and their host, in topics they really "Like", that do not require purchase (but that will un doubtfully influence, with all the Goodwill and Response, a lot of conversions).

  • The Follower Formula: invite followers to register at no cost, and then have them view their custom opportunities report in their free time.
  • The Sponsors Formula: invite followers & sponsors, generate content for feedback, use logo or association, add links to our research server.

Net Value of Just Content & Popularity (for sponsors, followers, and their charities): Based on the just the value of your follower's everyday generation of social content, and feedback to a SMRC's sponsor's content (i.e. sans the $0.03 per profile target cause marketing for research, the $1-5% sponsored research rewards, and/or the 5% related awards for testimonials and post-purchase reviews following commerce or conversions), each follower generates a minimum of $219 per year ($438 is they pre-register) in donations to their favorite charities, with the equal value in rewards - just by registering their favorite charities and social media they wish to include.   Each follower's host (who invited them to register, and there can be only one host per follower or sponsor) receives a minimum of $10.95 per year, as donations to their favorite charity with rewards, per follower who responded to their invitation. Lastly, for sponsors who invite other sponsors to register, each of the secondary sponsor's followers generates a minimum of $0.438 (43.8 cents) per year as custom donations with rewards for the originating sponsor.

SMRC has 7+ M prospective members in the pipeline,
including major universities, major children's health centers, and national youth groups,
whose content will generate a minimum of $2.4 Billion in custom charitable donations and member rewards, year one.

Find a SMRC rep and get invited today - There's no cost to register as a sponsor or follower, but you must be 'invited' in to register.

Social Market Research for Charity - Boulder CO - (720) 204-3569 * Everything at SMRC runs on Droids and I-Phones (MP4 & HTML5 rendered Flash)